Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lists #1: Three websites for hysterical relatives

Several links for hysterical relatives to check so that they can see radiation montoring, etc (in Japanese, but better than nothing) ;)
1. - Daily 24 hour radiation monoitoring of each major area in Japan. It's in Japanese so look for 東京都(新宿区) = Tokyo metropolis(Shinjuku ward) .
 As of yesterday Tokyo is a flat line at around the background level
2. - In Tsukuba (just north of Tokyo) , AIST (home of some nifty superconductor experiments) has a disaster prevention centre which posts hourly updates of the radiation measured there. Updates are a bit slow.
3. - English news from a Japanese perspective
They may not spend as much time as western media covering the reactors, as they also have the task of covering the human misery caused by the tsunami.

Also, how about those amazing plant workers who are sacrificing their lives (if not immediately than probably from radiation sickness) to try to save their country from a second nuclear calamity (if I may group Hiroshima and Nagasaki). Amazing people.


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