Sunday, April 27, 2014

ソルジャーガレージ(Soldier Garage )

Who? (ソルジャーガレージ)Soldier Garage
What? Fuzzy, noisy guitar
Web: for gig info.

Soldier Garage seems like a good choice for a brief entry here in this post-PSF shop world.
The youtube link I've given is of a more traditional Tokyo Pysch guitar kind of performance, but when I saw him recently (it was the solo configuration with just Migiwa "Miggy" Shimizu (清水みぎわ) rather than the duo configuration) , he had a beautiful, crappy Teisco guitar plugges though a single big muff into a big amp. No reverb, just fuzz or clean. It's hard to make solo guitar in the naive / primitive rock style compelling, but  Shimizu manages it with ease. Like all compelling guitarists, he has a relationship with his instrument, which is somwhere between familiar ease, and throttling aggression.

 I haven't heard the PSF release, but based on the gig I saw, it'll be worth checking out.

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