Sunday, December 26, 2010

1st Post

The name of this blog is a bit pretentious, and is meant as more of a parody of academic journal titles than an accurate description of the contents.

I have lived in Koenji, Tokyo for about four years, and the music I regularly experience over here is from 3 broad scenes: The Enban live scene (too mixed to categorize), the improvised music scene based around the soon-to-be defunct loop-line  and the punk/metal scene that is based around Dom studios (the little brother of the Earthdom live house). I also go to shows at Koenji's Penguin house fairly often and sometimes I end up at Tokyo's premiere avant-music space Superdeluxe.

I also take part in the three scenes listed above, and I won't even rule out writing about projects I'm involved with if I'm feeling self-indulgent, but my main goal is to briefly document some acts/people/spaces that I haven't seen written about outside of Japan.

I've given up on blogs before, and I decided to entrust this one to the google-brain in part so that I could be incredibly lazy about maintenance, etc. Hopefully, that sets the entry level for posting low enough that I'll continue for a while, although expect most posts to be pretty terse.

Japanese name policy: In English, I will write  Japanese names in first name/surname order. I'll include the Japanese (in the Japanese order of surname/first name) as well. If I know the person a little bit, I might refer to them as surname-san, but usually I'll just refer to people by their surnames.

As for band names, bands here often have a katakana equivalent that they use even if their name is in English. I'll try to write the most commonly seen version in the title of the post with the English/Japanese alternative in parentheses.

Comments welcome, posts from other Tokyo-dwellers (past and present) welcome too!

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