Tuesday, December 28, 2010

oscilloscottie (オシロスコッティ)

What: 1 man cmos techno unit oscilloscottie
Who: 安田よしひこ (Yoshihiko Yasuda)
Link: Oscilloscottie myspace page
Last time I saw him: Septima Gallery in Tachikawa


Oscilloscottie is an electronics genius. If he lived anywhere else in the world, he'd probably be lecturing in electrical engineering at a decent University. In Japan where kids are as likely to build robots for a hobby as they are to collect insects, he doesn't stand out so much as a circuit geek and leads a quiet life in Shizuoka (to the south of Tokyo).

Using cmos logic, he has built his own idiosyncratic system of sequencing and digital synthesis devices. He also has a handy module which can essentially turn any television into an oscilloscope, providing a perfect visual accompaniment to his home-made electronica. His system sounds and looks fantastic, veering between abstract squelches to very raw techno with the television pulsing in response, but the cherry on top is that all his homemade devices are housed in soft toys, providing an additional element of surrealness to the odd music.
See also microfutoshi a trio including oscilloscottie.

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